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Our Mission

This box will give parents a chance to spend meaningful time with their children while helping them grow and develop. By providing engaging experiences through sensory-play, children can make the connections necessary for the development of their brain.

How It Works

1. Join the family



Signing up is easy, choose your subscription and create your account (it’s fast, we promise!). Then order before the 15th of the month to receive your first Experibox.


2. We choose every



 We take pride in our high standards for the products we choose. That's why only non-toxic and eco-friendly products make it into our boxes. Your little one will always explore materials you can feel at peace about.

3. Now for the best part!


Around the end of each month, expect an engaging experience for your child like exploring non-toxic paint or working with natural clay!

Remember to order your very first Experibox before August 15, 2017 to be part of our September shipments!

What Are The Experts Saying?

Brains are built over time, from the bottom up. Starting even before birth, the basic architecture of the brain is constructed and continues onto adulthood. In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second. Brain architecture is comprised of billions of connections between individual neurons across different areas of the brain.

The early years are the most active period for establishing neural connections, but new connections can form throughout life and unused connections continue to be pruned. Learn more about what the experts are saying by clicking here.

Eco Friendly

Taking care of Earth by using recycled bio-degradable packaging and prefer purchasing from eco-friendly companies in the United States.

Natural Material

We bring a piece of nature into every box. Encouraging children to explore their senses the natural way.

Non Toxic

Carefully researched products only make it into our boxes. Using natural products and minimal plastic materials, your little one will always have a safe experience.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • " Head over heels in love with ExperiBox! Beautiful presentation and packaging and absolutely wonderful experiences!!! I love it! "

    " Head over heels in love with ExperiBox! Beautiful presentation and packaging and absolutely wonderful experiences!!! I love it! "

    Barbie P.

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